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Questions & Answers

1.Why are there so many grades of hair, like 3A,4A,5A,6A,7A,8A,9A,10A?

Normaly most of people thought of 5A as a Top Grade several years ago.In order to show their hair is much better than others, some sellers defined their productas 6A.Then a vicious circle started, more and more sellers called their products as 7A,8A,9A.10A,Maybe 11A is coming.
If you get a 5A from seller A and a 7A from seller B, it doesn’t means that 7A is better than 5A.Maybe it occurs that 5A is better than 7A.If you get 5A and 7A from a same seller, Normally 7A is much better than 5A.In a word, you should not blindly accepted sellers’ Grades.Normally the best hair raw material is donor original hair, it is top quality.

2.How was the hair collected? Why the price difference is so big?

According to acquisition channels, there are 3 sources of raw materials.
A: Cheap Hair
It is normal the hairs fall off naturally when women comb their hair in the morning. In the poor countryside, most of ladies always collect and save the hair. When it reaches a certain amount, the ladies could trade the hair for daily necessities. Most of this hair is from old women, Poor nutrition causes hair loss, it is dead hair. Most of cheap hair products are made from this material. The hair cuticles of this hair are not in the same direction. Poor quality, easy to tangle and shed. In order to make it smooth, the factory usually have to process it with acid.This hair normally sells much cheap than others.Usually it lasts about 1 month,or less than one month sometimes.We don't sell this kind of hair.
B: Virgin Hair
If you come to China, you would see hair everywhere on the ground in salon.Maybe you’ve got it, Yes, all the hair on the ground is cut from the ladies, who come to salon for a short hair style. And most of them are young girls. The quality of hair is healthy and tough. only one drawback is that the cuticles are not in the same direaction, because no one to collect them before fall on the ground. All of this hair passed a machine and it can make 90% of hair in the same direaction in the factory,and it is easy to take care of after that. This hair could be dyed and bleached.Our Grade 6a Belonges to this hair and a lot of customers like it,especially students from USA.
C: Original donor hair, cut from women head.
There are lots of hair Assemblers in China, usually ride a bike on the street with a loudspeaker. If the ladies want to sell their hair growing on their head, the assembler will come to their home and cut the hair from their head. All of the hair from a head will be tied tightly into a bundle with a rubber ring. Then they take the hair bundles back to factory.

This is the best hair raw material. Directly cut from women head, the hairs keeps in the same direction and healthy. It’s in original condition. And unnecessary to process it with anything. Just wash it in the water, then sew it into weft or other kinds of products.Both Grade 7A and Grade 8A from our products are made from original donor lasts 1-3 years with proper care. Most of female whtie-collar and business women love it very much.

3.Why my weft/weaves is shedding ?
In principle There is no one who can promise their hair no one shedding. It is probably normal that A few hairs come out when you are combing. But if it sheds like the photos, we are sure your hair has a problem. If you meet this situation, please think of the following reasons:

A.It was processed via acid.
The hair smells strange after acid processed. I said it smells like feet. When this kind of hair is wet,it emits a stronger smell. And it is very easy to break because of Hair scales damaged by acid. A unprocessed product have a slight scalp grease smell or no smell.

B.Is there something wrong with weft?
Pick out one hair from the weft, then pull it slowly,please try it 2-4 times. If the hair breaks,it means no problem. If the hair come out with a curled hook from the weft, this means the weft is loose. You’d better ask the seller to exchange a new one.

C.Is your hair much cheaper than others in same size?
If so,maybe you got a low quality hair. Cheap things are inferior quality. The seller couldn’t ship a top quality to you at a loss.

D.Did you treat your hair with proper care?
The hair is one of protein and very thin, its diameter is only about 0.07mm. It can’t be pulled like iron wire. Please refer to some nursing knowledge and take care of it carefully.

4.Why not my hair can be bleached to Color 613?
All of donor original hair usually could be bleached to Color 613. If not, that means this is a processed hair with acid. Normally the lightest color, a processed hair could be bleached, is Color 27. If you make it 613 compulsory, it will break.
If you want to dye or bleack your hair to a light color, I suggest please choose a top quality hair before you bought it.
All of donor original hair could be bleached to 613 easily. If you need it, please contact us.

5.Why your hair is more expensive than others?
All of donor original hair metrical was cut from women head. This is the best hairmaterial. The hairs keeps in  original condition. It is unnecessary to process it with anything. Just wash it in the water. No acid, no smell, no harm to skin, it is the most healthy hair. Life, health and happiness is priceless.

6.Why my hair have Split Ends?
As we all know for donor original hair, grow from human scalp, the longer hair the lesser nutrition will reach to ends. Normally sourcing department will pick out the badly split ends hair in the factory, but a few splits ends can’t be avoided, especially when hair is longer than 18inch. Please understand. ONLY DYED & ACID BATH hair has no spilt ends at all! If you are picky for split ends, we do not recommend u to purchase 100% donor original hair.

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